Melissa A. Harrington, PhD
Associate Professor of Biotechnology

Delaware State University
Department of Biological Sciences
1200 North DuPont Highway
Dover, DE 19901
Phone: 302-857-7117

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Ph.D. Neuroscience, Stanford University, Research Advisor - Roland Ciaranello


B.S.Molecular Biology, Purdue University, Research Advisor -John E. Johnson

Post-Doctoral training


Patch clamp of cystic fibrosis Cl- channel at Department of Biology, Stanford University, Post-doctoral advisor - Ron Kopito


Ca2+ imaging at Hopkins Marine Station, Stanford University, Post-doctoral advisor - Stuart Thompson


Patch clamp of K+ channels at Department of Pharmacology, U.T. Southwestern Med Center, Post-doctoral advisor - Francesco Bellardetti

Academic Appointments

2005 -

Associate Professor of Biology and Director of Biomedical Research, Delaware State University

2001 - 2005 

Assistant Professor of Biology, Delaware State University

1998 - 2001 

Assistant Professor, Department of Biology. Morehouse College, Atlanta, GA

1995 - 1998

Lecturer, Department of Biology University of California, Santa Cruz, CA. 1995

Recent Publications

Zhang, H.-M. Robinson, N., Gomez, I., Wang, W. and Harrington, M.A. (2009) Neuronal and Network Activity in Cultured Spinal Motor Neurons. NeuroReport 20: 859-854.

Shahin, M. and M.A. Harrington. Girls Explorations in Mathematics and science (GEMS): An Outreach Program Attracting a Diverse Group of High Achieving High school Girls in press In Building Diversity in Advanced Mathematics: Models that Work, Patricia Hale, Abbe Herzig, Eds. 

Robinson, N, Pokrajac, D, Patel, K and MA Harrington (2006) Analysis of Oscillatory Neural Activity in Olfactory Areas of Mollusk Brains Recorded by Multi-Electrode Array. Proceedings, IEEE ETRAN Conference, 50: 347 – 351.

Dzakpasu, R, Patel, K, Robinson, N, Harrington MA, and Zochowski, M (2006)  Measuring asymmetric temporal interdependencies in simulated and biological network. Chaos 16(4), 043121.4.

Shaheen, N., Patel, K., Patel, P., Moore, M., and Harrington MA (2005) A Predatory Snail Distinguishes Between Conspecific and Heterospecific Snails and Trails Based on Chemical Cues in Slime. Animal Behavior. 70: 1067-1077.

Clifford, KT, Gross, L, Johnson, K, Martin, KJ, Shaheen, N, and Harrington MA (2003) Slime trail tracking in the predatory snail, Euglandina rosea. Behavioral Neuroscience 117:1086 – 1095.

Harrington, MA., Kopito, RR  (2002) Cysteine residues in the nucleotide binding domains regulate conductance state of the cystic fibrosis transmembrane conductance regulator. Biophys. J.: 82:1278-1292.

Kembi, F and Harrington MA. (2001) Interdomain, but not intermolecular interactions observed in CFTR channels Biochem, Biophys. Res. Com. 288:819-826.

Harrington, MA, Gunderson, KG, and Kopito RR (1999) Divalent cations and redox reagents alter gating of the CFTR channel. J. Biol.Chem. 274:27536-27544.

Harrington, MA and Thompson, SH. (1996) Activation of the nitric oxide pathway Is necessary for refilling intracellular Ca2+ stores during muscarinic signaling in neuroblastoma cells. Cell Calcium, 19: 399-407.

Current Grant Support

1 R25 GM088043-01            (PI Harrington)
Awarded by NIH NIGMS   
“A Graduate Partnership to Expand Educational Opportunities at an HBCU”

9/8/09 – 9/7/14  

HRD0928404 (PI: Shahin, co-PI Harrington)
“DSU-SMILE: A Science and Mathematics Initiative for Learning Enrichment”

9/1/09 – 8/31/14 

2P20RR-016472-09 (PI: Weir)
Awarded by NIH NCRR 
“Delaware INBRE”

5/1/09 – 4/30/14
$630,000/year (DSU portion)

2P20RR-016472-09 (PI: Weir)
Awarded by NSF
“An Inter-institutional Neuroscience PhD Program to Expand Graduate Education Opportunities for Minority Students”

2/1/09 – 1/31/12 

1 S06 GM073765-01A2  (PI: Harrington)
Awarded by NIH/NIGMS 
“Recording Snail Brain Activity with a Multielectrode Array”

2/1/07 – 1/31/11

Synergistic activities

2002 - 2009

Instructor and research mentor for “Girls Explorations of Math and Science” a summer enrichment program for high school girls.


Participant in the Society for Neuroscience’s Neuroscience Teacher Partners Program

2008 -

Co-director for Bernard Harris Foundation/Exon-Mobile Summer Program “Delaware Residence Enrichment Academy of Mathematics and Science (DREAMS)”

2007 -

Director, Delaware Neuroscience Consortium

Research Collaborators

Dr. Wenlan Wang, A.I. Dupont Children’s Hospital

Dr. Rhonda Dzakpasu, Department of Molecular Biology, Georgetown University School of Medicine